Local Action Groups for Better EU Communities

Local Action Group Association Dolný Žitný ostrov is a partner in project named “Local Action Groups for Better EU Communities” which is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

The lead partner and beneficiary is the LAG “Središnja Istra” from Croatia. LAGs and organizations actively promoting regional development at local level are participating in project as project partners. 18 project partners from 9 countries are participating in project as project partners. Within the project implementation, nine 3-day events will be held, each event in a different partner country. During the events, the partners will share their best practices on how they have improved cooperation between civil society sector and local authorities at local level, and incorporated the inputs of citizens, the business community, public bodies and CSOs into regional strategies and actions. Partners will present how they have effectively engaged and included stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of strategies and actions. By taking this approach, the partners will gain the know-how needed to enhance the civic participation in policy-making at the local/regional level. At the same time, this approach will ensure that future activities and plans implemented by LAGs incorporate the inputs of all stakeholders and reflect the needs of local communities. Within the project, public, private and civil society stakeholders from the EU partner countries will share best practices on how they have improved citizen participation in development processes. They will also demonstrate how they have created public policies that reflect the needs of CSOs, public bodies, the business community and residents using the LEADER approach. Partners will share best practices on how they have improved citizen participation and incorporated stakeholder inputs into policies focusing on specific rural development fields (e.g. agricultural policy, heritage/culture preservation policies, entrepreneurship policy, etc.). The information disseminated to participants during the site visits, presentations, workshops, etc. will demonstrate to participants how EU policies contribute to the quality of life and how they can implement actions that improve citizens‘ involvement in decision-making processes.
The project started with the first event, which was held in southwestern Slovakia in the region of LAG Association Dolný Žitný ostrov. The event was held from 10th till 12th July 2015. During the event, participants discussed the above mentioned topics, visited the Komárno Fortress, historical centre of the town of Komárno, outputs of the EU and LEADER funded projects in member municipalities of the LAG Association Dolný Žitný ostrov, Roman and Ethnographic Museum Kelemantia which was co-funded from EU funds and opened in 2013. Further, the participants enjoyed the atmosphere of the Rye Island Festival of folk songs and dances in Klížska Nemá.
The following project event was held in the town of Pazin in Croatia from 22nd till 24th July 2015. The event was organized by the lead partner LAG “Središnja Istra”. Within the event, the project partners presented their organizations and its activities in detail, experiences with Programme LEADER and EU financed projects, exchanged experiences, know-how and best practices. Participants got acquainted with each other, befriended and established cooperation. The last day of the event, the representatives of the partner organizations signed cooperation agreement. Seven more events will be held within project, each event in a different project partner country.
Following project event will be held in the town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2016.

Project partners:
PP1 Lead partner LAG Središnja Istra from Croatia
PP 2 Razvojni center Srca Slovenije from Slovenia
PP 3 Regional Economic Development Association for Herzegovina-REDA from Bosnia and Herzegovina
PP 5 Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS from Italy
PP 6 Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri from Romania
PP 7 Asociatia GAL Tara Nasaudului from Romania
PP 8 Asociatia Grup de Actiune Locala Tinutul Haiducilor from Romania
PP 9 GAL Lider Bistrita Nasaud from Romania
PP 10 Federatia pentru Dezvoltarea Zonei Rurale Bargau-Calimani from Romania
PP 11 Unitatea Administrativ-Teritoriala Judetul Bistrita-Nasaud from Romania
PP 12 Orasul Seini from Romania
PP 14 Dambovita County Council from Romania
PP 15 Lithuanian organic farms association from Lithuania
PP 16 Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego Spolka Akcyjna from Poland
PP 17 MAS Hanacké Království z.s. from Czechia
PP 18 MAS Zdruzenie Dolny Zitny ostrov from Slovakia